John Zarcone, MD
state-of-the-art varicose vein & spider vein treatment
Stockings will last longer if you do not place them in the dryer
but rather let them hang dry between each use.  It therefore
may be preferable to have a second pair available.  Do not
wear others’ stockings as they have not been properly fitted
for you or very firm stockings if you have severe blockages in
your leg arteries (peripheral arterial disease, PAD) as they
may cause severe discomfort.  Remove them immediately
should you experience significant pain or numbness.  Again,
the importance of wearing properly fitted stockings cannot be
overemphasized.  Prescription stockings are more effective
than over-the-counter stockings found on the shelves in
supermarkets and department stores.

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As the mainstay of treatment, compression stockings need to
be the absolute tightest that you can comfortably tolerate.  As
a result you need to be properly fitted and prescribed the
appropriate size to receive optimal benefits.  Good
compression stockings are difficult to apply and can be
expensive but are most effective and will last a long time.  

Knee-high style compression stockings are preferable though
they may cause an indentation in your skin at the top of the
stocking but this is not harmful and will not cut off your
circulation.  Thigh-high styles are available but are harder to
put on and continuously roll down.  Putting the stockings on
every morning before rising from bed will make applying them
easier and most effective.  Ideally, they are to be worn all day
and removed only when your legs can be elevated or when
going to bed.