John Zarcone, MD
state-of-the-art varicose vein & spider vein treatment
Each vein may require 1 – 5 20 minute sessions and will
disappear in two weeks to several months.  Sessions are
scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.   Patients are usually advised to
resume normal activity immediately but refrain from vigorous
activity for 24 hours.

Compression hose should be worn for 3 to 5 days and will be
discontinued after seeing the doctor in follow-up.  

Sclerotherapy is a safe and virtually painless procedure
performed in the office that can get rid of unsightly veins and
will not interfere with normal activities.  It may be associated
with brown discoloration of the vein that may take up to one
year to disappear and usually requires repeated treatments.
Sclerotherapy is the most commonly used treatment for small
diameter (<5mm) veins, such as spider veins, and is the
treatment of choice in these cases.  In sclerotherapy, a FDA-
approved liquid medication is injected with a tiny needle into
the vein that causes inflammation of the vein walls resulting in
the vein walls sticking to one another and eventually collapsing
together.  The effect of this is the vein is sealed off preventing
any further blood flow.   

This solution in combination with the use of compression
stockings effectively eliminates the vein over time.  Larger
veins are usually treated first.  Small veins are effectively
removed by sclerotherapy but new spider veins will often
reappear if the underlying causes are not treated requiring
intermittent “touch ups.”