John Zarcone, MD
state-of-the-art varicose vein & spider vein treatment
Pain caused by venous insufficiency is often improved by
walking or by elevating the legs.

The pain of arterial insufficiency, conversely, is worse with
ambulation and elevation.

Pain and other symptoms of venous disease may worsen with
the menstrual cycle, with pregnancy and in response to
exogenous hormonal therapy (e.g., oral contraceptives).

Often these symptoms are ignored because they are thought
to be a normal part of aging or that there is no treatment

After treatment, patients are often surprised to realize how
much discomfort they had accepted as normal.
Patient satisfaction results from identifying and properly
treating the patient’s primary concerns,     i.e., medical and/or
cosmetic issues.  Not all symptomatic patients are aware of
their symptoms because the onset may be insidious.  

Symptoms may include:

  • Leg Heaviness
  • Pain or Tenderness along the course of a vein
  • Pruritus (Itchiness)
  • Burning
  • Restless Legs
  • Achiness, Throbbing
  • Fatigue
  • Night Cramps
  • Edema (leg swelling)
  • Brownish Skin Discoloration near the ankle
  • Paresthesias (Tingling)
  • Rash (Eczema)
  • Skin Ulceration that can become infected and
  • Knotty,Twisted Dark Blue Veins
  • Rupture with Bleeding