John Zarcone, MD
state-of-the-art varicose vein & spider vein treatment
Venous stripping is the surgical removal of an incompetent
saphenous vein.

Years ago this was the standard method of treatment.  This
method is no longer used unless medically necessary.  It
involves making an incision in the groin region, and surgically
tying the top of the vein closed.

A rod is then inserted into the saphenous vein from a second
incision in the knee area.  This small rod turns the vein inside-
out and peels the vein out from the soft tissue of the leg.

The patient typically is put to sleep with
general anesthesia.  

There are
no advantages to this method and the
disadvantages are significant:
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Damage to surrounding nerves leading to numbness
  • Poor cosmetic results and incision scars
  • Damage to lymphatic tissue leading to chronic leg
    edema (swelling)
  • Days to weeks of recuperation
  • 10 to 25% recurrence rate
  • Reaction to general anesthesia
Venous Stripping